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Presented by AAW and Udacity

Free Webinar
Friday 17 November 2:00 - 2:30 ET

In a world where employers want to hire "tech skills plus experience" in entry-level roles, it's hard for potential talent to gain a foothold in the job market.

Talent with the potential to succeed exists everywhere, but may not yet have the skills and experience needed to access career paths that will unlock lifelong opportunities.

America's workforce does not have enough talent with the combination of skills and experience employers need. That's why today's leaders are looking for new solutions. 


When you can't buy the talent you need? 
You build it!

In this session, you'll hear:

  • AAW's unique 'learner-centric' approach to building tech talent with Registered Apprenticeships

  • How AAW & Udacity's approach to building tech skills align perfectly to drive results

  • What it's like to be an apprentice in this program

  • How someone with no background in data can learn skills on-the-job to be a valuable data-skilled employee

  • How our supported learning experience drives results by augmenting leading-edge online training with the right balance of human interaction

  • How we balance technical skills with professional skills to develop the whole person for lifelong career success

Don't miss the chance to understand how you can drive your company forward by investing in building talent on-the-job with registered apprenticeships.

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Panelists include:


Janice Utke - Societal Impact Scholarships & Partnerships, Udacity

Phil Dyal - Business Intelligence Apprentice, Miller Electric Company

Brandon Rustmann - Business Intelligence Apprentice, Miller Electric Company

Nick New - Founder, American Apprenticeship Work (AAW)


Moderator:  Charlie Cornish - Founder, American Apprenticeship Work (AAW)

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