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Introducing: The IAB Digital Media Apprenticeship

We are proud to announce the launch of the first nationwide Digital Media Apprenticeship Program, built for our partners and global media trade body - The IAB.


There is an urgent need to address diversity in the workforce across all industries. The IAB Apprenticeship will empower employers to immediately remove barriers to hiring diverse talent into careers in ad-tech, digital media and marketing jobs. 


Top brands, agencies and media owners across the country will put Apprentices through an intense year-long, on-the-job training program that will build the skills & competencies needed to do the jobs of today and tomorrow. 


The IAB Apprenticeship Initiative offers employers a chance to hire candidates based on potential instead of traditional hiring requirements. This program is open to all organizations and will make it easy for companies of all sizes to have an immediate impact on the skills and diversity of their teams.


The IAB are inviting employers to join this program now.


We are extremely excited to be a part of IAB’s brilliant DEI program, and we are looking forward to making a real difference in 2022 on such an important mission.


For questions and how to get involved now please get in touch with us at 



Nick and Charlie

Co-founders -

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