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Apprenticeship Week 2023 - Live Session Recordings

During this year's National Apprenticeship Week, we hosted several round table discussions to share exciting insights, learnings, and voices from our apprenticeship programs.

We'll share more thoughts about each in their own post, but below are links to the three main sessions we held.

Session 1: Building your Head Office Workforce with Apprenticeships with executive leadership and apprentices from Miller Electric Company, Careersource Florida, and us at AAW.

Session 2: Building Tech Talent On The Job with Registered Apprenticeship AAW & their education partner Udacity discuss how the learning experience works to train tech job skills on-the-job with a registered apprenticeship, with contributions from two current data analytics apprentices.

Session 3: Training Incumbent Workers with Registered Apprenticeship Leaders and apprentices from Multinational Data Analytics company Experian discuss training existing employees and incumbent workers. In a world where employers want to hire "tech skills plus experience" in entry-level roles, it's hard for potential talent to gain a foothold in the job market.

Talent with the potential to succeed exists everywhere, but may not yet have the skills and experience needed to access career paths that will unlock lifelong opportunities. ​

America's workforce does not have enough talent with the combination of skills and experience employers need. That's why today's leaders are looking for new solutions.

When you can't buy the talent you need? You build it!

Join the movement and talk to us today about how apprenticeships can help your business grow the talent you need.

Share these videos with your network, so they can understand how American Apprenticeships Work

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