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Build your future talent

Today's digital, data & IT business skills are in high demand and short supply.

So if you can't buy it, you have to build it!

You might be surprised to learn that in America today there are almost seven million open jobs, and nearly seven million unemployed. Of the many challenges this brings for policy makers, perhaps the most addressable is the skills gap.

American employers have recently been complaining that it is hard to recruit and retain skilled talent in high demand roles across data, digital & IT., and that whilst they have traditionally looked to the college system to solve this problem - they aren't getting what they need.

Many employers today - including the likes of IBM, Facebook, Google and Bosch are moving away from being solely reliant on 4 year degree students as their source of new talent. Why?

Today there is a new way to build these skills. An innovation on a method that has been harnessed for centuries, one that empowers willing & capable workers to learn while they earn without getting into further debt.

The innovations driving the world's economy forward demand new skills and capabilities - you can solve this skills gap with Modern Apprenticeships.

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