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IAB Digital Media Apprenticeship Info Sessions

Are you looking for talent in ad-tech, digital media, and marketing but can't find the right candidates for your business?

Join us on for a complimentary info session to learn how an IAB Digital Media Apprenticeship can help you train the talent you need with the most up to date and relevant skills in the industry.

Apprenticeship Info Session 1:

Tuesday, 6/8 @ 12:00 PM ET

Click here to join

Apprenticeship Info Session 2:

Thursday, 6/10 @ 3:00 PM ET

Click here to join

Tech Apprenticeships are an incredibly powerful workforce development tool that enables organizations to focus on potential rather than credentials.

Stop spending time on lengthy interview processes to find a diamond in the rough, take control of your pipeline and forge your own talent with an effective, empowering, and sustainable solution.

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