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The Future Of Work is now.

America's Fortune 1000 businesses have invested trillions in Digital Transformation, and before the upside is realized, there are challenges beyond the tech investment to complete.

The issue of Skills Gaps in factories or corporate offices is ever more critical.

2019 report from Georgetown University cites a shortage of skilled workers for as many as 5,000,000 tech jobs requiring IT & Data skills by end 2020.

This is why businesses like IBM & Bosch are leading the way creating their own talent pipeline with their own Apprenticeship program.

If you are a US business and can relate to this issue, we would love you to contribute to The 2020 US Executive Workforce Study. Publishing in January 2020, it will provide a temperature check on American businesses today.

The goal is to give you leaders, influencers and policy makers data to support building your business cases for solutions.

Every day we come across articles that inspire the debate. A debate which leads to a discussion on Apprenticeships and how they can help. If you would like to learn more, get in touch!

This week we came across this WSJ piece reinforcing the need for more tech skills.:

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