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IAB partners with AAW on First Apprenticeship Program to Address the Diversity Gap in Digital Media

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

NEW YORK, NY — January 19, 2021 — Today we are excited to officially announce our partnership with the global trade group, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and the launch of the first national apprenticeship program for digital media.

This move marks a critical step in IAB’s ongoing commitment to take action on industry issues of diversity and digital transformation that continue to have a significant business impact.

With enrollment starting today, the IAB Apprenticeship Program will empower employers nationwide to look beyond existing talent pools to a wider range of sources for diverse candidates in ad-tech, digital media and marketing. Once on board, apprentices are mentored, trained and supported every step of the way on a structured skills development curriculum that mixes technical classes with on-the-job practice and coaching. Following the year-long intensive, apprentices are certified and ready for full-time employment. According to the Department of Labor cites that over 91% of apprentices are hired permanently after these types of programs.

“The IAB is proud to offer our members this pressing and practical opportunity to bring better skilled and more diverse talent to our industry. While we recognize there is much work to be done, we are committed to making a measurable impact on our industry’s representation and future leadership,” said Sheryl Goldstein, EVP, Member Engagement & Development at IAB.

In response to today’s technology skills crisis, more U.S. employers are looking to apprenticeships as part of workforce planning. While industry giants like IBM and Google have created their own alternatives, the IAB program makes it easy for companies of all sizes to embrace this approach, and have an immediate impact on the skills and diversity of their teams.

Charlie Cornish and Nick New, co-founders of AAW, share the IAB’s passion for the success of the program. “While the lessons of 2020 inspired a renewed commitment to DEI, programs like this one empower companies to make a real difference, right now. Our modern approach to apprenticeships helps business leaders create a diverse and sustainable talent pipeline today, while transforming their workforce for the future,” said New.

Added Cornish, “the energy and enthusiasm for this program is overwhelming. Every business leader we speak to immediately sees a need, and is excited about being able to get involved.”

The IAB and AAW are inviting employers to join this program now, and are holding informational sessions throughout January & February. Find out more at

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