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The results are in!

We are proud to post the results of our 2020 Executive Workforce Study where we surveyed top decision makers in the Fortune 1000 on the effects of the skills gap in tech.

With unemployment skyrocketing amid the COVID crisis the talent gap in tech is as wide as ever. Our research reveals it is much larger than previously thought.

It isn't just FAANG (Facebook Apple Amazon Netflix and Google) seeking coveted and highly paid talent, organizations across the country have now become fully digital and require Data Analysts, Cyber Security professionals, and generalists in AI. The report highlights topics including:

  • The supply of talent will not meet demand

  • Ways of working have changed

  • Employers plan to hire over 200k New Tech roles

  • Hiring for specific tech skills will get harder

  • HR is experiencing costly issues

Learn how top companies outside of tech are currently dealing with the challenges and what organizations can do to rapidly skill and re-skill their talent to meet the needs of the future.

Access the report here:

Apprenticeship White Paper AAW
Download PDF • 209KB

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