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Business Intelligence Apprenticeship

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The Miller Electric Company have over 50 years experience with traditional Apprenticeships in Florida, and over 100 years of company data - with new data coming in from every department. 


To make the most out of their data, Miller wanted to modernize and empower their workforce with 21st century data skills, as well as provide a new career pathway for their employees and their community in Jacksonville, using modern Tech Apprenticeships. 

Miller have made The Business Intelligence Apprenticeship program available to all companies in Jacksonville to so they can enjoy the same benefits, improve business, and further drive innovation in the region.

Program Overview

Understanding, handling, and communicating your valuable internal data is critical to success in the 21st century workplace.

The Miller Electric Business Intelligence Tech Apprenticeship unlocks your organizations potential and equips your employees, across all departments, with cutting edge data analytic and professional business skills.

Who is this for?

Employees in teams across your business, including:

  • Marketing

  • Sales

  • HR

  • Finance

  • Operations

Program Length: 12 Months 

Cost to set up: $0

Start: February 2023

Simply select an employee you'd like to train, or commit to hiring someone to train:

  1. They work for you full time

  2. AAW train them 20% of their week

  3. We handle all aspects of training

    • Management

    • 1:1 professional coaches

    • Technical instruction

    • DOL compliance and certification

  4. You focus on your business​

How it works


Hire-to-train, or reskill, your employees with our Apprenticeship approach, and get the skills you need.

Get all the benefits of having your own Apprenticeship program including, higher engagement, higher retention, and a sustainable pipeline of talent - without the lengthy setup time and cost.

Turn an employee into an Apprentice - build the skills you need

Our hire-to-train model ensures you get the people you want and the skills you need. 

We are your end-to-end training provider and delivery partner for your new employees. 

Build diversity into your company today and into your future leaders. 

Professional Business Skills

​​Learning is enhanced with valuable professional skills training, including how to:

  • Manage meetings, projects & taking briefs

  • Master reporting & stakeholder management

  • Communicate with stakeholders & leaders

  • Tell stories with data, present & pitch ideas

  • Critical thinking & creative problem-solving

  • Emotional intelligence, resilience, & a growth mindset

Are you an Employer?

Learn how we can partner and provide you with the skills you need

Industry Leading Training

​​Certified by the USDOL, Apprentices learn critical Business Intelligence and Data Analytic skills:

  • Master Office productivity tools

  • Complete Data Analysis to support business functions

  • Create Dashboards to present valuable data

  • Analyze data to identify new opportunities

  • Design Infographics to enhance communication

  • Applies to Marketing, Sales, HR, Operations or Finance

Interested in becoming an Apprentice?

We want to meet. These programs are built for you - jumpstart your new career

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