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Upskilling Incumbent Workers
With Registered Apprenticeship
- Building Talent On The Job - 

Presented by AAW and Experian

Free Webinar
Monday 20 Nov 3:00 - 3:45 ET

Experian recently completed training four of their employees with a Data Analytics registered apprenticeship.

This webinar will share the experience and impact of that program from the employer and apprenticeship perspective.

For US employers, Apprenticeships still remain outside the mainstream. Still, a U.S. workforce that would follow the U.K.’s “mature apprenticeship” system could start almost a million new apprenticeship opportunities per year, starting new careers, creating jobs, and driving wage growth for workers across the nation.


Such expansion can come from a variety of areas.

Firstly, the many new and modern occupations that Apprenticeships can be applied to: such as Data Analyst, Cyber Security, Software, or Digital Marketing professionals.

Secondly, to expand the application of Apprenticeship beyond the traditional focus of the ‘start-point’ of a career, to embrace training/upskilling existing employees (incumbent workers) to help them advance in their careers, or re-train in pursuit of better pay and employability. 

We’ll hear from two apprentices from multinational data analytics company Experian who recently completed their apprenticeship in Data Analytics on the IAB Digital Media Apprenticeship Program

Don't miss the chance to understand how you can drive your company forward by investing in building talent on-the-job with registered apprenticeships.

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Panelists include:


Steve Zimmerman - Data Analytics Apprentice, Experian

Beth Caughlin - Data Analytics Apprentice, Experian

Charlie Cornish - Founder, American Apprenticeship Work (AAW)


Moderator:  NIck New - Founder, American Apprenticeship Work (AAW)

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