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Growing the crypto industry with education solutions

Blockchain talent with experience is either unavailable or too expensive.

Who Are We

About the Crypto Consortium


Our Mission

Our Vision

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Support leading blockchain companies to solve their hiring challenges and support industry scale using our toolkit and training approach.

An industry that sustainably builds its own talent pipeline and enables all companies to achieve their potential with blockchain technology.

Case study . . .




A client came to us with business problems that needed to be solved fast. They were experiencing :

  • High turnover, less than 6 months

  • Projects being delayed, and stopped

  • Recruitment challenges

  • Unavailable talent

  • High salary demands 

We used our program to take existing developers and turn them into specialists, with 1:1 professional coaching and business soft skills training. 


Trainees worked full-time for the client while being trained by us 20% of their work week, while on the job. 


Within 3 months employees were contributing to development, were engaged and applying new skills to grow the company.

We manage the process end-to-end, the client reduced time and money spent on candidate development and was able to focus on the larger business.

Case Study
What you get
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Join and . . .

Build Your Own Talent

Create capable, effective employees with key blockchain and digital business skills foundations in under 3 months.  

Lead in Diversity 

Remove traditional requirements  and create on-ramps for diverse individuals to join the industry.

Define the Future

Guide your company and the industry forward by contributing your voice.


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