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 Helping US enterprises address the critical skills gaps in tech, embrace new & diverse talent pools, and drive growth with our modern approach to training. Build your future talent with our "new collar" apprenticeship programs.

There is a critical tech skills gap in the US


Open jobs requiring mid to high level tech skills 


Tech openings in 2020


Computer Science Graduates

AAW Apprenticeship programs solve the skills gap for you


New Collar Apprenticeship Programs

Today's digital, data & IT business skills are in high demand and short supply. 

If you can't buy it, you have to build it.

We will create a diverse and sustainable talent pipeline for you.

"New Collar" apprenticeships require organizational buy-in, a cultural and business strategy. We will create the right program for your needs.

Be agile and iterate quickly. Our pilot approach establishes your program, maps and acquires government funding, and fine-tunes your custom apprenticeship experience for maximum success.

Learn how we can rapidly build your workforce in 1-year and solve your skills gap. 


About Us

 The innovations driving the world's economy forward demand new skills and capabilities -   Modern Apprenticeships are the most effective approach to equip your workforce. AAW was founded to help organizations achieve their talent needs while increasing opportunities for more Americans
  • 15+ years leadership & executive experience in enterprise and startup organizations 


  • 10 years experience in Digital Transformation education programs

  • Established Industry relationships with CTA & US Dept of Labor


  • Member of CTA Apprenticeship Coalition and 21st Century Workforce Council, Speaker at CES 2020 on Apprenticeships


  • Established relationship with University HEI

  • Knowledge of State DOL & WIOA processes

  • Expert in program development, planning, resourcing, staffing  and management

  • Experienced in Learning Design & Workshop Facilitation



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