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IAB Digital Media Apprenticeship
Ad Operations

Hire-to-train or reskill employees with a Digital Media Apprenticeship

  • Close your skill gaps and get the skills you need, today

  • Remove degree requirements and hire more diversely

  • 97% of Apprentices retain after 1- year

What technical and professional skills do Ad Operations Apprentices learn on the job?

●  Set up, manage, & monitor campaigns

●  Understand the latest advertising & content formats

●  Manage projects from end to end

●  Tagging, trafficking, QA & optimization

●  Understand how to troubleshoot and problem-solve

●  Master reporting & stakeholder management

● Manage meetings & collect briefs
● Communicate with stakeholders & leaders
● Tell stories with data
● Present & pitch ideas
● Critical thinking & creative problem-solving
● Emotional intelligence, resilience, & a growth mindset

I would like to learn more . . .

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About the Program

Diverse talent digital media and marketing is hard to find, and too many barriers of entry exist for people without college degrees.

To solve these challenges AAW and the IAB have created the first ever Digital Media Apprenticeships for roles in:

  • Data Analytics

  • Digital Advertising Operations & Sales

  • Digital Marketing


Employers can now hire the talent they want based on an individuals potential, not their credentials.  



How does an IAB Apprenticeship work?

  • 12 month training program, endorsed by IAB & USDOL

  • Hire Apprentices to work full time for you during the program

  • IAB trains Apprentices 20% of their time each week

  • Apprentices learn the latest digital and professional skills

  • Apprentices gain experience learning on-the-job 

  • Program enhanced with IAB industry speakers & 1:1 coaching

diversity IAB .jpeg

"Hire the talent you want, build a diverse team and get tomorrow’s skills today."


Apprenticeships build diverse talent

  • Hire candidates based on potential and cultural fit

  • Degree requirements create a barrier to 7 in 10 diverse candidates, Apprenticeships replace that system

  • Build diversity into your workforce of today, and into your future leaders

  • Reskill existing interns and employees to unlock their potential and create highly engaged, loyal employees

If you are an Employer, or a prospective Apprentice, get in touch with us to learn how an IAB Digital Media Apprenticeship can help you get the most up to date and relevant skills in the industry.

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