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2021 National Apprenticeship Week Virtual Event

IAB Digital Media Apprenticeship National Program 

Register and find out how you can build business capability and hire the talent you need in 2022

Join us November 16th, 2021 at 2:00pm

About the Event


Diverse talent in ad-tech, digital media, and marketing is hard to find and too many barriers of entry exist for people without college degrees.

To overcome these challenges AAW have partnered with the IAB to create the first ever Digital Media Apprenticeships in Ad Operation, Sales, and Digital Marketing.


Our programs will provide more access for more people in the industry and fill needed skill gaps for SMB and large enterprises. 

Join us on for a complimentary info session during National Apprenticeship Week to learn how an IAB Digital Media Apprenticeship can help your organization train the talent you need with the most up to date and relevant skills in the industry.

Tech Apprenticeships are an incredibly powerful workforce development tool that enables organizations to focus on potential rather than credentials.  


Take control of your pipeline and create the talent you need with an effective, empowering, and sustainable solution. 

In this info session, you'll learn:

  • How apprenticeships work

  • How you can use them to get the talent you need

  • How apprenticeships directly impact diversity

  • How your company can get involved with the programs

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