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National Apprenticeship Week

Looking forward to next week's National Apprenticeship Week session. Register now free.

Join IAB's VP for DEI Jessalin Lam (林 子 明) alongside AW's Co-founders Charles Cornish and Nick New on 11/16 for a free virtual panel discussion about the new IAB Digital Media Apprenticeship.

We will share how Apprenticeships are an impactful solution for HR looking to recruit a diverse workforce and build digital capability.

Diverse workforces drive better business, and every leading employer is committed to making their organization more diverse and inclusive.

Apprenticeships mean you can hire on potential and not rely on the credentials that create barriers to hiring. Build the talent you need, and create your own culture.

We are proud to empower forward-thinking employers in the marketing, advertising & digital publishing industry in taking action to back up the powerful statements of intent that have been shared in recent years.

Join us, join the movement, let's spread the word!

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